Plastic Angle - Plain or Self Adhesive

Plastic Angles are very popular and effective for corner protection of walls and boards, for trimming edges in offices, factories, schools, hotels and hospitals - anywhere that has a surface that needs protection from being struck or worn, or where the general public need protection from the corner itself. Our rigid PVC Angles, made in our own UK factory, are sturdy, a solid colour throughout, can be provided in handy stock packs or long production runs, in a very wide range of sizes, all of which are detailed via the following links:

Equal Plastic Angles Equal Plastic Angles, in stock sizes from 6 to 100mm and a wide range of colours. Choice of square or rounded corners, plus heavy duty options for extra protection in robust environments. All stock and many extra sizes available for 500m+ production runs.
Unequal Plastic Angles Unequal Plastic Angles, stocked in black and white from 15 x 10mm to 70 x 30mm. Many extra sizes available for 500m+ production runs in a full choice of colours and lengths.
Aluminium Angles As an alternative to plastic, Aluminium Angles are available from stock, 12 to 50mm sizes, where absolute rigidity of the Angle is necessary.

Choosing Plastic Angles

Plastic Angles - making them Self Adhesive

When it comes to fixing plastic angles in position, there are obvious alternatives:

  • drill and screw - quite secure, allowing clean removal should it be necessary, but visible screw heads not generally popular
  • contact adhesive - cartridge dispensed adhesives work well with rigid PVC but require practice to use neatly. Not suitable for clear plastic angle, adhesive can spill out and quantities needed harder to judge to prevent running out
  • self adhesive tape - the time to apply them is a consideration, but they make for a very quick and clean installation, so particularly handy if time on site limited

When choosing, take into account the surface onto which you are fixing, aesthetic considerations and the time you have available. For example, access to a supermarket for fitout or repairs may be overnight and restricted, so pre-taping plastic angles to save time could be essential. When it comes to the surface on which they will be fixed, checking which tapes are suitable is an advantage, as damp or friable surfaces could be an issue. To help with this, Tubeway have tested the 3 types of adhesive tape we supply on many different surfaces, the results being listed in the PDF document below.

Applying Tape and Fixing Plastic Angles

Tubeway can not only supply self adhesive tapes, we can also apply them for you before despatch, for your convenience or in case of a messy or small working location. This service is available for both stock packs and production runs of all our equal and unequal plastic angle.

Tape will normally be centred onto one or both internal faces, giving an even distribution, preventing the tape from being visible at the edges and stopping two strips of tape on the two faces from coming into contact with each other. If you need the tape on an external face instead, this is possible too.

For application, as demonstrated in the video above, the recommended method is to peel back an inch or two of the tape backing strips, so that this liner extends beyond the edges of the angle, then put the angle into its final position and carefully strip out the full lining on both sides, pressing the angle. The tapes are instant grab, so will quickly bond, although they will further set over the next 24 hours. You should avoid peeling off the entire liner from the tape and then attempting to place it, as this can result in the tape sticking in the wrong position.

Adhesive Tape Testing PDF

Tape Testing pdf

Tape Application and FAQ's PDF

Tape Testing pdf

How to Order Self Adhesive Plastic Angle

a) Select the Angle you want to install
Go to our Equal Plastic Angle or our Unequal Plastic Angle page to pick the size of angle (and colour) needed. This can be from stock (in the pack quantities shown) or from production (subject to given minimum order quantities)

b) Select the Adhesive Tape(s) to be applied
On our Double Sided Tape page we show the different sizes and types of available Tape. Select which one you need, or both sizes if applying tape to both faces of Unequal Angle. Note that it is best to choose a Tape width that gives a few millimetres space either side as a margin of error, and will prevent two lines of tape from touching within the corner of the Angle

c) Calculate the total amount of Tape needed
Remember that if applying Tape to both faces of an Angle, you will need two metres of Tape per metre of Angle. Order enough rolls to cover the requirement, and specify if the roll-end of Tape is needed with the consignment

d) Decide if Tubeway are to apply the Tape to the Angles
You can have separate Angles and Tape or we can apply before despatch. Our labour charge to apply the Tape is 7.5p per metre of Tape as this is done by hand. Allow a little extra time for us to apply it for you (it is not always possible to do this on the day of order, especially if a large quantity is involved). Unless agreed otherwise, the Tape will be applied centred on the face of the Angle

e) Contact Tubeway's Sales Team
Email, call or contact us so we can apply multiple pack discounts on 10+ tape and angle stock packs. For production orders, we will confirm the prices of both Angles and Tapes as we can often apply extra discounts for very large quantities

f) Tape Angles are bespoke products
If we supply Angles and Tape separately, these can be returned to us per our Terms and Conditions provided they are in the condition supplied. Taped Angles are bespoke products however, and are not returnable or refundable as they are unable to be re-used or re-sold

If you have any questions about this service, about any of our products, or you may need samples, contact our experienced Sales Team who will be pleased to help and advise.