LED Strip Lighting is growing in popularity and ease of use, for the home and workplace, because of the many benefits of using LED Strips over conventional lighting. These include:

  • 60% to 70% energy saving on power consumption
  • reduced heat generated by the fittings, giving a longer working life
  • compact size of the LED Strips, with very thin wiring
  • ability to dim, display different colours, and other technological features
LED Strips are light, largely self-contained, with self adhesive backing, and do not require complicated fittings or wiring. Standard LED Lighting is low wattage, approximately 10.-12mm wide, and generates so little heat that a simple PVC Channel is suitable for use as housing. This provides the opportunity to mount LED low wattage strips easily onto walls, cupboards or other similar surfaces, needing only a flat clean surface onto which the LED housing will mount. This combination of factors make LED Strip Lights suitable for DIY projects as well as ideal for more industrial lighting projects. For high wattage LED strips, we recommend using our new Metal Muffin mounting profile, particularly suited to large scale and exhibition style arrays.

Note that most 2 part mounting profiles rely on the jaws of the base expanding when the lid or diffuser is fitted. Once in place the jaws return to their original position and width. If you are recessing a profile or fitting into a corner you will need to allow approx 1mm of extra width to allow this.

LED Mountings demonstration


Tubeway stock well designed but simple to use profiles for LED Mounting, which because of their attractive appearance are effective whether in view or part of an invisible LED fitting. These can be quickly installed using self adhesive tape or screws, having prepared and pre-installed the LED Strip. The result is a very cost effective, lightweight and practical LED housing, for low wattage LED strips, or additionally for high wattage strips use the Metal Muffin profile.

There are a few points to note, however, in general use of PVC as LED housing:

  • even low wattage LED Strips generate some heat, which will affect the working life of standard self adhesive tapes, so it is recommended that either Easyfix High Mass Tape is used, or standard tape is supported by a small number of retaining screws
  • low wattage LED Strip Lighting is safe to use with PVC, but high wattage must be used with metal housings as it can generate enough heat to melt plastic.
  • High Mass Tape has very aggressive adhesive, making it suitable for many purposes, not just permanent stick-only LED mounting. For use with LED's. as they are not at all heavy, short pieces of High Mass Tape can be used rather than continuous runs, to reduce costs.

See the short video for information about our current LED Mounting stock range.

Tubeway Extrusions stock profiles

led cupcake and lens

Cupcake Mounting

led cupcake foam end cap

Cupcake Foam Ends

PVC muffin led mounting

PVC Muffin Mounting

PVC muffin foam end caps

PVC Muffin Foam Ends

aluminium LED mounting profile

Metal Muffin Mounting

metal muffin foam end caps

Metal Muffin Foam Ends

small 2 part LED mounting

LED Box Mount Profile

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Cupcake Mounting with Frosted Lens
15 44 17 -
White/Frosted 5 x 3m 50.00
Cupcake Foam End Caps
15 42 15 -
White Bag of 10 8.00
PVC Muffin Mounting with White Frosted Lens
14 26 9 9
White/Snowy 5 x 3m 40.00
PVC Muffin Foam End Caps
12.5 18 8 -
White Bag of 10 5.60
Metal Muffin with White Frosted Lens
19 38.6 17 14
Aluminium/Snowy 5 x 3m 75.00
Metal Muffin Foam End Caps
18 36 16 -
White Bag of 10 9.00
2 Part Box Mounting in Clear PVC
16 8.2 10.6 -
Clear/Clear 10 x 3m 68.00

*Measurements are for guidance only, as minor variations can occur in the manufacture of plastic products. If dimensions are critical please contact our Sales team.

self adhesive tapes for led mountings

Our Foam and Polyester Tapes are excellent for quick positioning and installation of Mountings, before using a couple of screws for a permanent fitting. We also stock Hi Mass Tape, which has incredible durability and is suitable for high temperature and outdoor locations. Click through for Stock Self Adhesive Tapes.

2 part cable trunking in many sizes

We have suitable white PVC Electrical Mini and Micro Trunking for effective cable management and concealment, available from stock plain or with adhesive tape already attached. Click for 2 Part electrical Trunking

PLEASE NOTE You can buy items from this site by phone subject to a £50 goods minimum order, plus Carriage and Vat. However, for single lengths and other small quantities, you can purchase from the Ebay store "chargeelectrical" by following this link:

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LED housing £50 minimum order
LED mounting from stock on next day delivery
LED housing discounted for bulk purchase
LED housing and mounting carriage guidelines
LED housing production runs available


For larger volume LED Lighting requirements, there is a much greater choice and diversity of simple fittings.This particularly applies to two-part LED Mounting profiles, such as those detailed below. For these designs, the base (on which the LED is actually mounted) can be in a choice of any stock raw material colour whilst the lid or lens can be in clear, frosted or white frosted PVC. We would be pleased to discuss these options with you and provide pricing for production runs.


Our Stock LED profiles can be bought in multiple stock packs, with set discounts, or we can make them to order in runs of 1000m or more. This gives the opportunity to use different colours or diffusion for the component parts, have bespoke cut lengths and enjoy significant price reductions based on the economies of scale generated. The final prices need confirmation from our Sales team, but the costs per metre below are a useful guide, based on the stock colour combinations. See the diagrams above the stock table for details of the profiles.

PROFILE BASE LENS 1 x PACK £/M 10 x PACK £/M 20 x PACK £/M 1000m
Cupcake White Frosted 3.33 3.00 2.67 1.62
Muffin White White Frosted 2.67 2.40 2.14 1.26
Box Mounting Clear Clear 2.27 2.04 1.82 0.90
Metal Muffin Aluminium White Frosted 5.00 4.50 4.00 3.00

The Cupcake, Muffin and Metal Muffin LED Mounting designs give the option to mount in several ways, including within a 90 degree corner. The illustrations here show not just the ways of mounting the profiles but also the options for fitting the LED strip(s) within, for angled light.

led trunking with angled base muffin led mounting with domed lens


2 part LED profiles, which are based on the electrical mini trunking design, with a 3 sided Channel where the 4th side (or lid) clips into position. This design gives great versatility, because either part can be produced in clear PVC, with the other in a solid colour, e.g. white, allowing the LED to be stuck either inside the Channel or on the underside of the lid, and self adhesive tape can be applied to either part for installation. These profiles are available in 500m+ runs.

led trunking with clear walls


If our range of stock and production tooling shown below is not suitable for you, remember Tubeway can help you design and make tooling specific to your requirements, be they one or two part, from simple Channels to Clip Covers for existing features such as handrails. Production runs of new profiles are available in minimum 500m runs, cut to your choice of lengths, with a choice of colours for both base and diffuser, with prices on application.

As well as the actual fittings, there are certain basic criteria to be considered when designing your LED installation. These are introduced in the PDF document alongside, to help you plan for the finished effect.

led mountings to your design

Do's and Dont's of LED Strip Lighting
Download Do's and Dont's of LED Strip Lighting

cupcake led mounting from stock

Cupcake with frosted lens and end cap

Muffin PVC led mounting from stock

Muffin with White frosted lens and end cap

Metal Muffin aluminium and PVC mounting

Metal Muffin with white frosted lens

clear PVC box mount 2 part led housing

Box Mount in clear PVC

LED mount that prevents glare

Directional J Section

2 part LED housing 25mm

25mm Mini Trunking

2 part LED housing 38mm

38mm Mini Trunking

tubeway extrusions stock led mounting profiles

All Stock LED Mounting Profiles

deep 25mm LED housing

25mm Deep Trunking

deep 38mm LED housing

38mm Deep Trunking

LED housing tooling made to order
LED housing made in the UK
LED housing prompt lead times
choice of LED housing lengths and colour
cost effective LED housing sample runs