Tubeway can perform a wide variety of secondary operations when producing your plastic extrusions, all of which would be priced during quoting:

  • Assembly - Many profiles are made in separate parts, such as Electrical Trunking, and there are advantages to assembling before despatch
  • Inline Tape Application - The most cost effective way of applying double sided tape to a plastic extrusion is during production. There are limitations, as in where on the profile it needs to be applied, but if it is feasible it gives very neat results
  • Offline Tape Application - Sometimes possible when inline application is not
  • Offline Cutting - Can be more accurate than during production, although not suitable for very short lengths, very small profiles and clear PVC, which is prone to small shatter and fray marks on cut edges when cut cold
  • Drilling - Simple drilling is available
  • Barcoding - If your extrusions are retail products, we can produce and apply barcode stickers for a small charge
  • Bespoke Packaging - We can use customer-owned packaging and labels, where required

If the process you require is not detailed above, we might still be able to assist as we have excellent contacts for more detailed work, or where specialist equipment is required. Contact us with your Secondary Operations requirements.

secondary operations for plastic extrusion supply