Recycled rigid PVC for Production Runs

Tubeway specialise in high quality rigid PVC extrusions, supplied as production runs made to order, or in smaller quantities from our range of stock products. As a by-product of manufacturing at our Ipswich factory, we generate production waste of which more than 95% is recycled as regrind material. This has two obvious benefits, being good from an environmental point of view, and generating decent quality raw material at a cheaper price than virgin material. We are able to pass on the savings generated for certain applications, to the benefit of our customers. Tubeway never use 3rd party recycled material, as we will have no knowledge of the level of contaminents, or the quality of the material that was first used.

There are a few potential limitations of using recycled uPVC:

  • It is slightly less elastic than virgin material
  • The finish can occasionally be a little grainy, so it is not recommended for highly cosmetic purposes
  • Additives within the original material may become "over worked" and start to lose effectiveness. The ability of recycled uPVC to hold its colour in direct sunlight may diminish as a result of this process
  • In the re-chipping process it is not always possible to separate colours. The mixed "any colour" regrind material that we produce can be used as it comes, resulting in colour changes as profiles are made, and streaking. It is still useful for many applications despite this, although it is possible to use masterbatch colourant to produce consistent dark or black profiles, for a small extra cost.
  • Clear regrind is available, which tends to be a little more brittle than the original material.

Common uses for recycled plastic therefore include:

  • Disposable or consumable items, such as packaging protection for pallets and expensive items in transit like doors and wall panels
  • Profiles without specific mechanical requirements that are unseen components or used underground
  • Plastic extrusions where low cost overrides all cosmetic consideration
  • Uses where water or damp would affect other materials such as cardboard

Note that from an environmental point of view it is possible to recycle products made from regrind uPVC, provided that they do not become too contaminated, and the limitations of the material are acknowledged.

international road deliveries from tubeway

If you are looking for a low cost extruded product or component, or wish to discuss whether recycled PVC will be compatible with your particular project, please contact our technical team who will be pleased to advise, and where appropriate, provide pricing.