Board & Panel Capping & Jointing - Production and Stock

Tubeway Sales Ltd manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of profiles in durable PVC for use in the shopfitting, exhibition and building industry, amongst others. Plastic capping, 90 degree plastic corner section, plastic h section for jointing and plastic t section for joint filling and edge protection are held in stock in a range of styles and colours. Extensive production tooling details are included, for non-standard, specialist profiles. Having profiles made to order can generate significant price reductions over stock, and give big advantages in colour and lengths selected.

Please select the type of profile you need from the sections below and click through. If you cannot find the ideal plastic profile, or you want a production run or bulk order, contact us to discuss your plastic Wallboard and Panel requirements.

pvc capping for board edging

PLASTIC CAPPING - C, J and U Section

Plastic U Section, C Section and J Section capping channel which is ideal for use on standard wallboard, plywood and panels as trim and edging, plus co-extruded Plinth Seal Capping, for use at the base of kitchen cupboards and kickboards. New to the range is co-oextruded Shower Seal that fits onto shower screens to prevent water leaking under a bathtub shower screen onto the floor. Generally on stock plastic capping the legs are angled to give easy push fit and grip installation. All sizes, colours, dimensions and prices listed, along with much production Capping Channel tooling - click for Plastic Capping details.

PLASTIC CLIP ON EDGING CHANNEL - Square back and Round back

Square back clip on plastic edge trim and round back clip on plastic edging strip, made with shallow legs that taper and grip the board or panel in installation. Different sizes, colours, dimensions and prices are listed, plus tooling - click for Plastic Clip On Edging details.

clip on channel for board edging
pvc h section for wallboard jointing


Plastic H Section for the butting and jointing of boards and panels in the construction, shopfitting and exhibition industries in particular. As well as making to order from dedicated production tooling, we stock equal and unequal H Sections, Butt Joints and 2 Part H Sections in different colours and sizes, all dimensioned and priced for convenience - click for Plastic H Section details.


Plastic T Section in both rigid and flexible PVC for filling and covering board joints, and knock-in edge protection, on straight and curved surfaces. In addition to production tooling, both common designs are stocked, with the straight T section and the T barb section with a domed top for bumper protection. Range of sizes and colours, with dimensions and prices shown - click for Plastic T Section details.

pvc t section for wallboard joint filling
pvc corner section for wallboard 90 degree corners


Plastic corner joints for 90 degree jointing of foamex, plywood, boards and panels. Range of sizes in stock between 3mm and 19mm, ideal for use in the exhibition and shopfitting industries, for example. Different sizes, dimensions, colours listed with pricing, along with production tooling - click for Plastic Corner Profile details.