Plastic Tubing - All Shapes, Sizes and Materials

Tubeway can offer an enormous range of plastic tube sizes, designs, wall thicknesses and colours, in different thermoplastics, with most being able to be provided in rigid or flexible material. These are manufactured to order at bulk prices, subject to minimum order quantities and any other conditions that are fully detailed within each quote.

For each style of tube, available tooling is listed, materials possible, MOQ and any other relevant comments alongside. If what you want is not present in our comprehensive range, we can make high quality tooling to your exact specification and fully discuss your requirements and most suitable materials.

For low quantity orders, we stock a small range of rigid tubes, generally used as electrical Conduit, plus coils of PVC flexible Hose, both clear and braided, for many domestic and industrial uses, including food-safe requirements. We also have Polypropylene corrugated Duct for cables and liquids around the home and garden, suitable for being buried or used under water.

Please select the product range most relevant from the sections below.

plastic round tubes in various sizes


Rigid tubing and pipes from 2mm outside diameter up to 315mm, in a choice of plastics to suit most applications. Huge selection of existing tooling but with the option to cut new tooling should it be required. Many of the plastic tube sizes can be made with your choice of wall thickness and therefore inside diameter. For pricing, size, MOQ and material information please click for Production Round Tubes details.


Box section rectangular plastic tubing, including square sections, made to order from either our existing tooling range or to your exact specifications. Where the corners are right angled, specific tooling is required, but for rectangular tubes with radiused corners, these can sometimes be pulled out from round tube tooling, subject to suitable wall thickness, which vastly increases the range of tooling available. For pricing, size, MOQ and material information, please click for Production Rectangular and Square Tubes details.

rectangular radiused and square cornered tubes
oval, ribbed, split round and split oval tubes


Certain specialist applications require less common tubing, such as Oval, Ribbed (for grip), Split tubes (where the tube needs to open and slip over another product as a sheath) and Corrugated tubes (which allow flexible use for cable protection, movement of liquids). These variations often require comprehensive tooling, which can be made, but click through to see our existing Production Specialist Tubes details first.


Clear PVC Tube and Braided reinforced PVC Tubing which is widely used for gases, liquids and granulated solids, as they are regarded as foodsafe products. Big range of stock sizes available on reels, for convenience. Polypropylene Corrugated Duct, supplied in loose coils, flexes easily for use with cables and liquids. For pricing and full details click through to Stock PVC Flexible Tubes details.

flexible pvc tubes from stock
uPVC rigid tubes from stock


Rigid PVC lightweight tubes, including Box Section, suitable for electrical conduit and ad-hoc requirements. Polypropylene Corrugated Conduit flexes easily for protection and routing of cables underfloor and in voids. For pricing and details click for Stock uPVC Rigid Tubes details.


Most of our tubing can be manufactured in a choice of thermoplastic material, either rigid or flexible. Each different plastic has its own strengths and weaknesses, with implications for order quantities if specific colour shades are required. Click through for details of thermoplastic tube materials.

plastic tubing materials and colours