At Tubeway (Sales) Ltd we manufacture and stock plastic extrusions in a range of standard colours. Specific colour requirements can be met by our colour matching service, providing almost any shade or colour requested.

We are unable to provide photographic references for standard PVC colours, as the shade can vary slightly between computer screens and relying on a colour match this way may be misleading. We are happy to send samples that illustrate standard colours - please contact us for colour samples (please make sure we have your full postal address).

We do not make or supply woodgrain effect extrusions. Our plastic extrusions are manufactured from a self-colour rigid pvc material and the colour is solid throughout.

plastic extrusions made in a wide range of colours


External grade rigid PVC has additives to make it UV (Ultra Violet light) stable and it is therefore suitable for use outdoors. This helps protect the extrusions from yellowing or fading with age and a tendency to become slightly brittle. The raw material Tubeway uses has a base formulation equivalent or superior to the window and rainwater building industries, to give the best possible weathering capabilities. It should be noted however that some colours are longer lasting against UV than others, as those with high pigmentation needed to create the colour will inevitably fade faster than those without - as a rule of thumb, Whites, Black and Greys should last virtually unaltered for decades, whilst bright colours like Reds, Yellows and Blues will start to fade within a year or so, depending on the strength and quantity of sunlight exposure. This applies right across the industry, not just at Tubeway.

As day-to-day examples of colour resistance, if you look at 10 year old uPVC double glazing, it will be extremely close to the original colour, but a 10 year old red car will have faded, regardless of the expense of the original paintwork.

Profiles or products made from recycled material are not as reliable as the virgin material used by Tubeway. The material reground could be many years old, use lead/cadmium based material instead of current zinc/calcium, and the "heat history" of being worked more reduces the effects of the UV stabilisers.

For the colours that are only available without UV stabilisers, because they interfere with the colour or finish of the material, indoor grade rigid PVC is widely used and remains ideal for locations out of direct sunlight. See the table below for full details.


Your choice of colours is not restricted to our standard colour range. Precise colour matched raw material can be ordered with an exact colour specification such as RAL or BS number or Pantone reference. As an alternative you can provide a colour sample of your own and we will match material to this exact requirement. This option provides an ideal solution and gives consistently accurate results.

Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 250kg for such material and it can take up to four weeks to obtain.


Our range of flexible products and components are made from plasticised PVC, giving a glossy finish. Clear and White are manufactures to Shore A hardness 75, while Black, Brown and Vanilla are made to Shore A hardness 74. We can obtain other colours for production runs if required.

Stock Production
White J923 Standard stock white
W 9003*
Black B296 Standard stock black
B Black
Vanilla N404 Cream / Magnolia
Most Y
V 1015
Teak N844 Mid Brown
Most Y
T 8001**
Clear 0033 Slight blue tint in strong light
C Clear
Light Grey K946 Dove Grey
Most Y
D 7047
Mid Grey H435 Dusty Grey
n/a Y
Q 7037
Dark Grey M873 Basalt Grey
n/a Y
E 7012
Silver J192 Silvery Grey with metallic sheen
S 9006
Red E506 Post Box Red
R 3020**
Green E316 Apple Green
n/a Y
G 6018
Yellow E313 Daffodil Yellow
n/a Y
Y 1018
Blue E346 Ultramarine Blue
n/a Y
Z 5002
Brown N375 Sepia Brown
n/a Y
H 8014
Off White M260 Pure White (Hygienic Cladding shade)
n/a Y
O 9010
Grey N526 Agate Grey
n/a Y
F 7038
Grey N772 Iron grey
n/a Y
A 7011
Grey J622 Mouse Grey
n/a Y
J 7005
Frosted D083 Clear Frosted
n/a n/a
White Frosted N989 White Frosted
n/a n/a
Cream M336 Cream
n/a Y
K BS10B15
Green P117 Reseda Green
n/a Y
L 6011
White N781 Signal White
n/a Y
N 9003
Cream M792 Light Ivory
n/a Y
M 1013
Brown N720 Nut Brown
U 8011*
Grey T027 Signal Grey
n/a Y
P 7004

The colour references given are the closest found on the various standards charts, and are strictly for guidance purposes only. Please contact us for a sample of our standard colours.

*Not an exact match. Actual shade is slightly brighter than RAL chart
**Actual colour is slightly darker than RAL chart.