Easyfix DIY Products

Easyfix DIY products have been produced and supplied by Tubeway since the 1960’s to become a trusted and reliable brand.

Nowadays, the Easyfix DIY trademark covers a range of well known complementary products for tradesmen and home DIY enthusiasts alike. These are generally available from independent and national hardware retailers around the country, although Tubeway provide wholesale quantities direct when required, or you can buy secondary glazing and draught excluder products online.

To assist retail placement, we provide a full range of product stands, information cards and instructions, which present a tidy, well organised display. The products themselves include Tile Edge and Bath Seal for bath and shower rooms; Carpet, Snap Top and Laminate Floor Edge for all domestic floor surfaces; Draught Excuders for doors, thresholds and letterboxes; Secondary Glazing systems of all types along with Acrylic glazing sheet; Roofing Sheets; Aluminium Extrusions; and a number of other convenience products such as Sticky Feet, Strip Blinds and Pipe Cover.

To see more about all these products please visit our sister site www.tubeway.co.uk. This site contains full product details, trade pricing, drawings, downloadable information sheets and videos. Alternatively, contact our Sales team for more Easyfix DIY product information, or buy Easyfix secondary glazing and draught excluder products online, in bulk packs or singly, at www.secondarydiyglazing.com.

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